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Gro-do is a martial art that promotes a healthy lifestyle through sport for all ages. We have been active in this field since 2006 and till now, a period of time when thousands of disciples have been trained.

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Why choose Gro-do

Sport from a young age helps develop creativity, improves child co-ordination and relationship with other children and adults. Children who constantly practice a sport are more social, communicative and disciplined.

Gro-do helps to improve creativity
Increased discipline and mental strength
Increased energy
Improved coordination especially within children
Better relationships with other children and also adults
Great for keeping yourself or child healthy and fit
Helps to build confidence whatever your age
Teaches how to manage emotions and remove aggression
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Learn More About Gro-do

The gro-do martial art officially was founded in Republic of Moldova on July 14 2016, with the support of internationally renowned professionals such as H.Y. Kwon (USA), the founder of Hwar Do style – combined martial arts, holder of 10 DAN black belt, Taky Kimura (Japan)

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We offer a range of classes for different age groups. Classes currently Take place in Bridlington.

What people have to say

As a former teacher I know how important physical education is for children. Exercise is vital for healthy development and in the right environment taking part in sports means that they can leam the values of teamwork, selfdiscipline and hard work. Sport also offers unique experiences and a chance for self-expression and I believe every child should have the opportunity to take part.

Emma Hardy
Member of Parliament

l find it refreshing and good for our community to have activities such as martial arts. Ifeel it is important to grow a healthy society and I firmly believe that every child can learn through any martial art. Martial arts teach children to respect their life and their bodies, to respect their elders and their community, and — ultimately their own country. Hopefully, children will learn to respect the entire world and the people that live within it. I have had the pleasure of knowing George for two years, he kindly invited my family and myself to visit Moldova and we'd definitely like to do that in the future.

Liam Nicholas Dealtry
Town Mayor and Councillor

Not only do martial arts improve the mental andphysical health of adults, they also provide distinct advantages for a child's development. One of the most important mental and physical benefits ofmartial ortsfor children isfocus. The complexity of martial arts systems means that a great deal of teaching is required before anything can put into practice. As such, listening and concentration skills are put to the test when it comes to mastering martial arts. At a young age, a child is likely to have a relatively low attention span. This is why getting them to learn the importance of listening, remembering and carrying out instructions is essential. Martial arts, for example, has been scientificallyproven to alleviate the symptoms ofAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Caroline Broadhead
Principal of Quay Academy

Martial arts demand the highest levels of mutual respect among their practitioners. From the minute a child walks into a dojo, they must follow strict social etiquette when interacting with their instructors and their peers. Whether it's bowing to their masters or supporting other students. By showing respect all times, they help each other achieve a common goal as they learn a new life skill. What's more, learning to work as part of a team is essential for success in a workplace environment later in life.

Grandmaster H.Y.Kwon
President of World Martial Arts, Grandmasters Federation and Founder HWAR-DO

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