About Gro-do

The martial art Gro-Do style promotes first of all a healthy lifestyle. And it succeeds, through the efforts of the National Federation, effectively implement this on various levels: social, historical, cultural, sporting-combative, applicative, philosophical, etc. Priority attention in this regard is paid to the young generation, which is not only the future of the nation, but as well brings everything with fresh and innovative breath of air in human society, assuring its’ progressive movement, generator of hope.

Thus, within the Gro-Do movement there also exists a youth organization: The Nongovernmental Association “Tradition and Patriotism”, which promotes the perpetuation and cultivation of the most beautiful traditions of our nation, of our ancestral values. Because it is quite shameful not to know those traditions and customs that formed the basis of the constitution and existence of the people you are part of, and which assured further not only the survival during some difficult historical times, but, as well, contributed to the protection of its integrity, being a proof of a strong outstanding moral and identity.

However, what is the specificity and history of the conception of this unique martial art style? About these, but also many other exciting things, we discuss with the lecturer and PhD student of the State University of Physical Education and Sports (USEFS) Gheorghe GROZAV, the founder and president of the Sport National Federation of “GRO-DO” Martial Art from the Republic of Moldova, instructor of martial arts.

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- First of all, I believe the readers would like to learn a little about the history of appearance of this new style of martial art ...

- The gro-do martial art officially was founded in Republic of Moldova on July 14 2016, with the support of internationally renowned professionals such as H.Y. Kwon (USA), the founder of Hwar Do style – combined martial arts, holder of 10 DAN black belt, Taky Kimura (Japan), 9 DAN Gro-Do, the best friend and leader of Grand Master BRUCE LEE school, Kim Jeong Seong (South Korea), 9 DAN. In order to create this kind of martial art, we were supported by important international organizations in the field of martial arts. In fact, the idea of ​​creating this style came to me in 2006, an idea I started to realize immediately. Then I also started to practice working as an instructor in martial arts.

- What is the meaning of this term: gro-do?

- First of all, I want to mention that gro-do is a conjunction, harmonious cultivation between the body, mind and soul activities. In fact, there are about two words: DO is a term of a truly philosophical complexity and signifies such notions as path, method, art, discipline, but also a journey to personal spiritual development; GRO is a word of Scandinavian origin, and it means to progress, to grow, to heal yourself in harmony with the laws that are base of creation of human nature as about its physical, as well as the spiritual aspects.

- Is this sport part of the martial arts?

- Exactly. Gro-do is an extremely efficient combination, a synthesis of the best techniques of judo, karate, aikido, kungfu, hapkido, voivode, taekwondo, kumdo, and also the elements of the national fight, wrestling. We have eliminated certain boundaries between styles in order to better express the philosophy of martial arts and create a combination of the most effective techniques of various fighting sports. We also pay increased attention to the elements and procedures relating to elasticity, acrobatics and coordination.

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